Thibault Allançon


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I am Thibault Allançon, a French software engineer living in London. I am deeply interested in programming and algorithms. I mainly code in C, C++, Python, Java, OCaml and Rust.


Some of my favorite personal projects:

University projects:

Google Summer of Code

In 2019, I worked with Software Heritage on a Google Summer of Code project: Graph compression on the development history of software. It was an incredible summer: super interesting project and awesome mentors!


I greatly enjoy contributing to computer science related associations, such as Prologin, Girls Can Code! and France-IOI. Concerning Prologin, I was finalist in 2015 and 2016 of their national contest, and joined in as an organizer in 2017. Same story goes for France-IOI where I took part in the Algoréa contest final in 2014 and national selection in 2015, before helping out a few times in 2018.

Teaching computer science related topics to others has always been a keen interest of mine, and at EPITA I had the opportunity to become a teaching assistant for three years. The role consisted of giving courses, talks and organizing projects in order to teach students C, UNIX, C++, Java, Caml and C#.



A few years ago I wrote more than 30 articles (in French) about algorithms. I learned a lot, but writing is not a priority for me anymore. Most of the articles are pretty basic (data structures, sorting, encryption, searching), but the latest are definitely more interesting such as the ones on artificial intelligence or optimization methods like dynamic programming.

You can still find the full list of articles here.